The Ebert Construction Edge

July 15, 2017
To most people in the know, Ebert Construction is seen as one of the best commercial general contractors in the state of Minnesota. However, there is a lot more to their service than putting up commercial buildings. They offer a lot more than most contractors, well before and well after the construction phase. For example, they can help any company decide whether it would be better to build or to lease. Also, they are capable of performing financial modeling and conducting thorough market research, they can develop the property for its fullest potential.

Ebert Construction is also a full service real estate services and construction management company, in addition to a builder. This is a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1968, which means hundreds of commercial buildings have been constructed, remodeled, restored, and converted by the firm. In addition to the services mentioned above, they also perform number of construction and maintenance services, including concrete, masonry and carpentry services, which means they can not only find the best location and put up a new building, but they can also renovate an older building just for you.